Area & Oriental Rugs

Professional Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning in Sauk Rapids, MN

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Is your area rug in need of some extra care? When it comes to professional rug cleaning, Chem-Dry of St. Cloud, is your go-to expert! Attention to detail for your rugs in Sauk Rapids is our specialty. If you want an incredible cleaning that doesn’t ruin your rugs, give us a call at 320.252.9799.

Get Your Area and Orientals Rugs Cleaned by Experts in Sauk Rapids, MN

An Outstanding Carpet Cleaning

A beautiful area or oriental rug can add a lot of depth to your home decor. It’s a statement piece. They can be a bit of a pain to clean when they get dirty though. Large, intricate rugs are delicate and need special care. Our professional cleaning will refresh your rugs and bring back their vibrant colors. Our process will also rid them of any dirt or allergens that are trapped inside. Done regularly, this will help keep your home healthy and clean.

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Delicate and Effective Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Here at Chem-Dry of St. Cloud, we are equipped to handle and care for any and all types of rugs! The standard area rug, Persian, Oriental, and more! We have the right equipment and solutions to clean and care for fabrics of all sorts! If you want to get your rugs this clean, schedule an appointment today!

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Tough on Pesky Stains, Yet Gentle on Your Rug Fabrics

Buying an area rug is no little decision--let alone they are expensive to purchase and a process to maintain. It is important to choose a cleaner that will take care of your rugs! Our gentle, yet deep-cleaning process will remove any dust, dirt, grime, or allergens--all while preserving the vibrancy and color! We also use far less water with our method, which helps your rugs dry faster, preserving them. Tough on the gross stuff and gentle on your precious rugs!

Chem-Dry of St. Cloud is who you will want to choose when you have rug-cleaning needs! You will get top-notch service and quality cleaning. You won’t be disappointed! Give us a call when you need your rugs cleaned in Sauk Rapids! We are excited to meet you!

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