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For an outstanding carpet cleaning service in Kimball, MN that will leave you with a shorter drying time and a cleaner, healthier household choose the professionals at Chem-Dry of St. Cloud. We implement a unique cleaning strategy that sets us apart from every other service in the cleaning industry that is certain to leave you pleased!

Kimball Professional Carpet Cleaners


brightgreenrae.pngThe Chem-Dry method uses a fraction of the water compared to what nearly all Kimball, MN steam cleaners work with. In place of relying on gallons of water and soap, the carbonating solution we implement will allow the dry time for your carpets to be just a few hours, rather than a couple of days as you will discover with most of our competitors. With such a quick drying carpet cleaning, you do not need to worry about mildew or mold development so your household will have the chance to be healthier.


Our Hot Carbonating Extraction system utilizes the power of carbonation as a cleaning agent as opposed to tough chemicals, soaps, or detergents. Not only will your carpets be cleaned on a deeper level, but you will not be left with stiff or sticky carpets after the scheduled appointment. Crunchy or gooey carpet is the consequence of a debris attracting remain left behind by unpleasant cleaning products. With Chem-Dry of St. Cloud your home will feel fresh and tidy!


Green carpet cleaning is a priority for a lot of our customers in Kimball, MN. The chief cleaning solution that we utilize at Chem-Dry of St. Cloud is green certified, safe, and non-toxic. With your well-being and ease in mind, you'll find cleaning services focused in the direction of supporting allergy sufferers and clearing your home of unsafe bacteria.

Chem-Dry supplies the best carpet cleaning in Kimball, MN. Reach us today for an estimate! 

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