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Granite Countertop Renewal Sartell, MN

Many people install granite countertops as a beautiful addition to the home. Granite can lose its shine and luster over time, even though it is meant to last for years. Liquids and bacteria sink into the granite over time, causing the granite to become dull and dirty. By having your granite countertops regularly professionally cleaned, you can prolong the life of your beautiful countertop. Like our other home cleaning services at Chem-Dry of St. Cloud, we provide the most superior granite countertop renewal Sartell offers.

Granite Countertop Renewal Sartell MN

98.4% of bacteria will be completely removed from your countertops through the revolutionary Chem-Dry granite counterop renewal process in Sartell, MN. Without harming your countertops, our advanced granite renewal process dives deep within the granite for a deeper, safer clean. After we seal your countertop, a protective coat is added to help you maintain your countertops in between routine professional cleanings. Many of our customers are health conscience, so we have created all of our cleaning products to be non-toxic and completely safe for your home.

Our granite countertop renewal process goes as follows:

  1. Clean & Scrub
  2. Remove Residues
  3. Seal
  4. Polish

No matter where your granite countertops are located inside or outside of your home, trust the Chem-Dry experts for the most exceptional granite countertop renewal Sartell offers. Call the friendly professionals today!

Granite Countertop Renewal Sartell MN

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