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New Years Cleaning Resolutions

new years cleaning resolutions

The New Year is here and that means time for resolutions! This is a time for reflection on successes and failures from the past year and look forward to the new.

People all over the nation are making resolutions during this time, often with pen and paper or smartphone in hand. These goals range from exercising more and eating better to personal improvement to learning more and spending more time with family to quitting smoking or addictive habits. Amidst personal goals for 2018, how about some goals for your home? Specifically your carpet!

You home carpeting is important and is a big investment for your home. It wasn’t cheap to put in and it takes some simple, consistent effort to keep it up. We want to make sure your carpets last a long time for you and your family. You don’t want to have to replace it every few years and neither do we!

How do you make sure your carpets last a long time? No worries! We have put together a New Years Resolution list for your carpets--to make sure they stay beautiful, clean, and healthy for many, many years.

Develop a Consistent Vacuuming Schedule.

By regularly vacuuming, you are able to prevent dirt, crumbs, and debris from traveling down into the pile of your carpet. If you don’t keep up on vacuuming, your carpet will eventually look dull and dirty--while also starting to acquire allergens and bacteria. You want your carpets to look fresh and new! Commit to a regular vacuuming schedule, whether that be once every other day or once a week--depending on the circumstance of the room.

Keep Toxins and Bacteria Out of Your Carpet.

Like we mentioned above, regularly vacuuming is the very first way to keep toxins and bacteria out of your carpets. It is also important to make sure harmful and toxic products stay off of your carpets. Most carpet spot cleaners, carpet shampoos, and deodorizers are full of harmful chemicals. We don’t want your family or pets to be put at risk. Make sure you are very careful about what products you use on your carpets!

Protection and Prevention.

Prevention is very important! It helps you to not have to fix something later! You can make sure the life of your carpets is extended by helping prevent certain types of abuse that greatly tear away and break down your carpets! A few simples ways to do that are: putting rugs or mats at your front door and learning how to correctly remove small stains from your carpets.

Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned.

Most people wait to have their carpets professionally cleaned until they look dirty or foul odors come from them. Even if no stain or odors are noticeable, it is important to the health of you family, friends, or anyone who visits you to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Vacuuming helps greatly, but it is hard to remove bacterias and toxins with a vacuum. You need professional cleanings to take care of that!

These are your steps to having a clean and healthy home this brand new year! So get ready to step into 2018, and onto your carpets, with the assurance that your home and family are safe and healthy! Make sure to look around our website at cleaning options and call us at 320.252.9799 with any questions! From all of us at here at Chem-Dry, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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