Pet Urine Odor Removal

Pet Urine Odor Removal in Sauk Rapids, MN

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We’ll Professionally Remove Pet Urine Odor

Has your pet had an accident and you just cannot get the smell out?! Don’t worry! We have the equipment and solutions to get rid of those horrid smells and stains. Give us a call today with any questions you may have! 320.252.9799.

Sometimes Pets Have Accidents

Lots of people own pets because they are like members of the family! But sometimes our precious pets have accidents. The odor seeps in your carpets, padding, and subfloor--gross! Sometimes you don’t know where your pet went to the bathroom and that makes it hard. The smell is still there, but you can’t find the spot! It’s not easy to find where Fluffy or Fido had their accidents! Removing pet odors can be really tricky and really difficult! We have the equipment and products to remove pet urine odors. We have a special UV light that can detect the pet urine and we’re able to eliminate the odors from your carpets and upholstery. We have an amazing cleaning process called P.U.R.T® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). The P.U.R.T contacts the source of the problem that creates a chemical reaction and eliminates pet urine odor.

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On Average We Can Remove 99.9% Of Pet Odors!

If you leave pet urine untreated, it can spread throughout your home and affect your health and happiness. Most times, if a pet has an accident, it will lead to a repeat ones. Our cleaning method, P.U.R.T., was tested on how effective it was at removing cat and dog urine odors from carpets and found that on average P.U.R.T removes 99.9% of pet odors from carpets. When it comes to removing pet urine and the odors it requires a special treatment to remove, because it penetrates into the fibers and contaminates both the carpet and floors beneath. Don’t let that be your carpet! Schedule an appointment today!

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How Our Pet Urine Removal Treatment Process Works in Sauk Rapids

We are the experts when it comes to removing pet odors from your home. Our equipment is advanced and our cleaning solution is incredible! We’ll make sure to help remove those bad smells and keep your home healthy! The first thing will do is an inspection of your carpets with a UV light. Next, we will rinse your carpets with our Hot Carbonation Extraction Method, which loosens up and/or removes any urine crystals. After that, we apply P.U.R.T. to each stain, which goes deep beneath your carpets to get an amazing clean! After 24-36 hours, P.U.R.T. will have broken down and removed those nasty pet urine odors!

We are professionals when it comes to removing pet urine odors from your carpets, so give us a call in Sauk Rapids, MN at 320.252.9799 or request a free estimate. We look forward to working with you to remove any pet urine smells you have in your home!


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